“Deepness” is named to the Students Ping Awards !

We are very pleased to inform you that our game “Deepness” is named at the Students Ping Awards Students, a highly anticipated ceremony rewarding the best games produced in France.

Here’s a taste of the game:
“Tabu, a young metamorph creature, is born underground, far from the surface and his ilk, guided by his mother telepathically, and armed with his unique abilities, he will do anything to leave the depths and join his family.”

To play and comment, only one address:

Video game directed by Antoine Torcq, Nathan Messin, Grégoire Duflo, Léa Ferhati, Martin Farissier, Roland De Thomasi and Camille Sagot, during their Master 2 during the year 2018/19 at PÔLE 3D.

Before the famous Ping Awards ceremony, do not hesitate to test the game on October 26 at the “Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie” of Paris. Your votes count as much as those of the Jury!

This is our 3rd nomination at this prestigious ceremony. Last year the student game “Un homme” directed by our students of Master 2 (promotion 2017/18) won the prize for best screenplay in the category “Student Game”. We wiish the team Deepness to be just as successful!

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